Young Film Critics

In a bid to nurture the next generation of film critics, Taoba has introduced an exclusive Georgian course tailored for young individuals with a passion for film analysis and critique.

Under the expert guidance of a seasoned film critic, 20 carefully selected participants between the ages of 16 to 20 embark on a journey through film history, analysis, and review techniques. The program is designed to provide not only theoretical knowledge but also essential professional skills to foster the growth of aspiring critics.

One unique aspect of the course is the opportunity for participants to showcase their critique skills on a public platform. The reviews crafted by these young critics are featured on the website,, allowing them to share their insights with a wider audience.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded accreditations from Taoba, adding a valuable credential to their budding careers in film criticism.

This initiative, supported by the Tbilisi City Hall, aims to empower young cinephiles, providing them with a platform to refine their critical voices and contribute meaningfully to the dynamic world of cinema.

Aspiring film critics aged 16 to 20 are encouraged to seize this unique opportunity by applying for the program and becoming an integral part of the future of film critique. Applications can be submitted once per year.