Taoba Festival 2022 concludes with a concert by 4D Monster Lobsters

The 5th edition of the Taoba International Youth Film Festival came to a close with a spectacular concert by the popular Georgian band “4D Monster Lobsters” on Orbeliani square. The concert, which took place on September 16th, 2022, was the perfect way to end the festival and celebrate the amazing films and experiences shared throughout the week.

The concert, which was organized in partnership with “Caravan” and supported by Tbilisi City Hall, was a fantastic display of Georgian culture and music. 4D Monster Lobsters put on an unforgettable and energetic live performance, leaving the audience energized and excited. The band’s unique blend of indie rock and electronic music is beloved by many, and the concert was a fitting end to the festival’s program.

The concert took place on Orbeliani square, a historical and cultural landmark in Tbilisi that is home to many events throughout the year, including concerts, exhibitions, and festivals. The concert was a great opportunity for young people to experience the vibrant culture of Tbilisi and enjoy a fantastic live music performance in a unique and special location.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Tbilisi City Hall and “Caravan” for their support of the concert and the festival. Their commitment to supporting the arts and culture in Tbilisi made it possible for the young people to experience this amazing concert, which was definitely a highlight of the festival.

The Taoba International Youth Film Festival provides a platform for young people to engage with films, learn about the film-making process, and be exposed to new ideas and perspectives. But it also provides a platform to engage with local culture, music and art, creating a more holistic and enjoyable experience. We look forward to continuing this tradition in future editions of the festival and providing young people with a meaningful and engaging experience that encompasses multiple art forms.

Thank you to everyone!