Tiburtina 63


Director: Gianpiero Alicchio
Producer: Luca Pirolo
Writer: Eugenia Dellino
Production Supervisor: Walter Ingrassia
Script Supervisor: Lino Guanciale
Project Supervisor: Ruggero Miti
Camera Operator: Matteo Ponchia
Cinematographer: Dario Di Mella

Neva Leoni, Andrea Dianetti, Lucrezia Massari, Olmo De Martino, Eugenio Di Fraia


Tommaso, Cate, Rigazzi, Brino and Greta share an apartment in Via Tiburtina 63. At home only one rule reigns supreme: it is strictly forbidden to weave sentimental relationships between roommates, on pain of paying five months of bills for everyone. One evening, the apartment swoops in the dark due to a blackout. The electronic lock of the entrance door is blocked, so, prisoners in the house until the next morning, the boys decide to indulge themselves a few slices of the “magic” cake prepared by Tommaso. Only the light of day will reveal that perhaps someone has violated the rule during the night. Who? and why?

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