Cloves & Carnations


Director: Bekir Bülbül
Writer: Büşra Bülbül, Bekir Bülbül
Cinematographer: Barış Aygen
Art Director: Osman Çankırılı
Editor: Eren Sabri Öztürk, Bekir Bülbül
Sound Designer: Umut Şenyol
Sound Engineer: Duygu Çelik
Visual Effects: Sedat Mirdesli
Colorist: Cenk Erol
Line Producer: Emrah Göçen
Assistant Director: Emel Bulut
Casting Director: Erengül Öztürk
Gaffer: Selami Akyüz
Key Grip: Hasan Akbal
Costume: Banu Çelik
Hair & Make-up: Ayşe Yılmaz
Producer: Halil Kardaş (Filmcode)
Co-Producer: Bozena Bogdziewicz-Onkol (Bo Dream Productions)

Demir Parscan, Şam Şerit Zeydan, Bahadır Efe, Tahsin Lale, Yiğit Ege Yazar, Selçuk Şimşek, Fırat Kaymak, Emine Çiftçi, Serkan Bilgi


Snowy and desolate roads of southeastern Anatolia. An old refugee MUSA intended to carry the corpse of his deceased wife to her homeland and burry there. Because he gave his word to his wife before she dies. Since there is nobody to care for his granddaughter, he has to bring HALİME with him. Halime is a little girl who lost her speech ability due to the ferocity she experienced. Musa tries to complete this journey by hitchhiking as he doesn’t have enough money, however, they stranded on the road. The buses and trucks do not want to help these two refugees carrying a coffin. Compulsorily, they go on foot. However, the coffin couldn’t stand these road conditions. Eventually, it began to crack and broke. From now on, they will have to carry the corpse in a cardboard box. Halime, who does not want to return the lands where the war still prevails; and Musa, who yearn for reach his homeland right away… And the deceased, who both have a common attachment… Their efforts to clutch onto the life during this journey will help to break down walls between them and make them build a stronger connection with each other…