A Far Shore


Director & Writer: Masaaki Kudo
Executive Producer: Shunsuke Koga
Producer: Yuki Kitagawa
Associate Producer: Hisano Nakasone
Casting Director: Kazuyasu Goto
Cinematographer: Takayuki Sugimura
Lighting Director: Naoki Nomura
Production Designer: Ran Kobayashi
Sound Designer: Keefar, Hironori Ito
Original Score: Masamichi Shigeno
Co-screen Writer: Mami Suzuki
Production Companies: Allen, The Fool
Planning & Line Producing: Allen
Line Producing Cooperation: The Fool
World Sales: Alpha Violet
Japanese Distribution: Rabbit House

Kotone Hanase, Yumemi Ishida, Yoshiro Sakuma, Tsuki Hasegawa


Aoi has dropped out from high school and gives birth to a baby son with Masaya. They are born and live in Okinawa, a Southern island of Japan. To make ends meet, she starts working as a night-club hostess as Masaya loses his job and cannot deal with the family’s responsibilities. Their immaturity and dependence aggravate the relationship with continuous fights leading to a social downfall. Aoi’s bond for her son sets her on a path to find solutions.