March 18, 2019


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Turkey, 2018, 3:30 min
The film of ROM contains the subheadings of discrimination conceptually of Romany. It shows us many differentiation attitudes to Romany previous times and nowadays.
Focusing on the big picture in a concept of discrimination; the ROM film allows us to face with bitter of Romany (“Gypsy”).

Director: Ilker Ergün

Ilker Ergün

Ilker Ergün was born in Istanbul on 19 September 1990. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University ; department of ‘Art Management’. In 2016 ; he won the first prize at the Short film festival competition of ‘ KisaKes’ as a “Semtin Sesi” sound of district. He continues to work on many projects as a director, scriptwriter and an actor since 2010.

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