Taoba Festival To Organize Young Audience Award For European Film Academy In Georgia

We are excited to announce that the Taoba International Youth Film Festival, will once again be organizing the “Young Audience Award” (YAA) in Georgia for the European Film Academy. This award is a unique opportunity for young people aged 12-14 from across Europe to watch three nominated films, select a winner, and have their voices heard as part of the largest film jury in the world.

The Young Audience Award is a category of the European Film Awards and is organized in 42 European countries, with young juries in over 60 movie theatres and online in more than 70 European cities. The winner of the award is chosen by young people, who watch three nominated films and vote for their favorite. The award is not only a recognition of the best film but also a way to promote and encourage interest in European cinema among young people.

We are happy to announce that this year, besides Tbilisi, the award will be organized in Kutaisi, Batumi, and Zugdidi, thanks to our local partners: Kutaisi Youth and Children’s Palace, Batumi Youth and Children’s Palace and Zugdidi Youth and Children’s Palace. This is a great step forward in expanding the reach of the award and providing more young people from across Georgia with the opportunity to engage with and appreciate European cinema.

The award ceremony will take place on November 13th, 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to meet and connect with their peers from across Europe and be a part of a larger European community. It also helps to create a common language and shared culture, that can foster mutual understanding and respect among the young people of Europe.

The Taoba International Youth Film Festival is committed to promoting film education and cultural exchange among young people. We believe that the Young Audience Award is an important platform for young people to engage with European cinema and have their voices heard. We look forward to welcoming young people from across Georgia to take part in the award and experience the best of European cinema.