Taoba And Giffoni – Friendship And Future Perspectives

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Jacopo Gubitosi, General Manager of Giffoni Film Festival, attended the 5th edition of the Taoba International Youth Film Festival.

Giffoni Film Festival, based in Italy, is the largest children’s film festival in Europe, with over 2,000 children attending the festival from 39 countries around the world. During the festival, the children and teenagers watch films, learn about the filmmaking process, and even get to judge and award the best films with prizes. This 39-year-old festival has had a great impact on the history of entertainment and culture, not only in Italy, but also internationally, and it has developed a high reputation worldwide. Every year the festival attracts 100,000 guests, directors, producers, and movie stars.

The presence of Mr. Gubitosi at Taoba is a sign of the great friendship and partnership between these two festivals. The Director of Taoba, Mr. Levan Dvali, and Mr. Gubitosi had several fruitful business meetings, they made agreements to strengthen the existing partnership between the two festivals and jointly promote Georgian and Italian cultures.

The partnership between Taoba and Giffoni is a major step in promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between Italy and Georgia, and it highlights the importance of film in fostering international understanding and friendship. It also provides a platform for young people to engage with different cultures and learn about the world through film.

We are excited to see the results of this partnership and the impact it will have on the festival and the wider community. We would like to thank Mr. Gubitosi for his visit to Taoba and we look forward to welcoming him and the children from Giffoni to our festival in the future.