Till the End of The World


Director: Florence Bouvy
Screenplay: Jessie Tiemeijer
Producer: Eefje Helmus, Charlene Vos
Director of Photography: Eva Heinsbroek
Art Direction: Louka Hoogendijk
Costume Design: Louka Hoogendijk
Sound Max: van den Oever
Editor: Mischa Lamping
Sound Design: Selle Sellink
Music: Moritz Gabe

Linde van der Storm, Juda Goslinga, Gino Mutunda, Fred Goessens, Mike Libanon, Elisa Beuger



The eight-year-old Marie lives with her father Boudewijn in a small house at the edge of the city. Their world is full of play and imagination, and Boudwijn teaches her to dream. However, Marie has become aware of an unpredictability in her father. Because of his addiction, the warm, dreamy man of the day can suddenly turn into a pair of empty eyes that don’t seem to see her. A man that is not her father. As Marie tries to fight this feeling of unsafety, the two seem to spiral out of control. A story about the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her father.

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    The Netherlands

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