The Writing Box


Director: Tijana Mamula
Screenplay: Tijana Mamula
Based on the short story by: Geraldine McCaughrean
Producers: Monica Ioana Lungeanu, Natalie Di Giorgio
Directors of Photography: Adam Barnett, Andreea Gruioniu
Editors: Alessandro Giordani, Tijana Mamula

Margot Orr, Farhana Khondaker, Bea Walker, Sophia Ally, Eddie Webb, Eliza Rigby


England, 1939. Grace, a manipulative schoolgirl, spends her days sneaking out to the cinema and writing plaintive letters to her parents in a bid to join them in India. When her ploy works only in part, she finds herself marooned in their colonial villa, with just her ayah, Raissa, and a strange British cook for company. Beset by the unfamiliarity of these new surroundings, as well as by her own fantasies about them, Grace begins to act out against her reality with increasing hostility and violence.

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    United Kingdom

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