Director: Hamid Yousefi
Producer: Romina Roshan Bin, Hamid Yousefi
Writer: Romina Roshan Bin, Hamid Yousefi
Director of Photography : Mohsen Hosseni
Actor: Romina Roshan Bin, Ali Khsh Bin
Music : Ali Anvari, Mohsen Kamran Jam
Distributor : Madakto pictures

Ronina Roshanbin


Arman is a nine year old boy in a religious family. He has a lot of interest in game and adventure, also his (camcorder) never separate from him because his greatest fun is peeping people specially women. He has a serious curiosity about women and of course the beautiful woman in front of their neighbourhood. But one day during the peeping the beautiful woman ,he is exposed and she sees him. From that moment his stress and nightmares begin. He tries show himself innocent or at least prevent it from his family to know about it. In this time he doesn't leave the house to avoid seeing that woman. His life turns to a misery until one day his mother send him to that woman house to do something and the boy imagines that woman surely wants to hurt him and gets revenge.

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