Director: Amal Al-Muftah
Producer: Basel Owies
Production Manager: Ghouna Jaber
Director of Photography: Rachel Aoun

Al Jori Al Darwish, Mohammed Al Hosani, M.A. Lazordi, Ahmed Al Hosani


In the old village of AlWakrah, a mischievous 8-year-old girl would do anything to stay out of the kitchen and spend time with her father and older brother at sea. Her mother shares with her the most elaborate mythological tales about falling stars to keep her in the kitchen, not realising that it's stirring her curiosity. When night falls on AlWakrah, she sneaks out alone to search for a fallen star but her adventure comes to a halt when she encounters a Jinn. She wakes up to a nightmare the next morning as her parents scold her brother for leaving the house at night. Defeated, she spends her morning at the kitchen with her mother when her mother mentions that she saw a falling star the night before. Later that night, Amal climbs on a boat with the help of her brother, where she sees for the first time in her life, a falling star. She grabs the paddles and sets off to chase her dream.

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