Giuli – It Was A Dream


Written & Directed by: Meri Gelagutashvili
DOP: Gela Chinchaladze
Executive Producers: Simona Stoytchkova, Jenny Weden, Rossitsa Markova, Mindia Esadze
Line Producers: Olga Pertushenko, Archil Damenia
Edited by: Arthur Amamchian
1st Ad: Johanna-Francesca Neef
2nd Ads: Anna Marikhina, Ketevan Putkaraia
Production Designer: Mamuka Esadze
Prod. Designer`s Assistant: Teona Tigishvili
Costume Designer: Tamo Khutsishvili
Make-Up Artist: Sophia Macharashvili
1st AC: Imeda Tetradze
2nd AC: Paata Gelashvili
Playback: Saba Tetradze
Sound Recording: Zezva Pochkhidze
Light Technicians: Temo Pavliashvili
Set Runners: Gocha Modebadze, Ninia Mikadze
Set Photographer: Nina Kunchulia
Making Of Temur Pailodze

Giuli Chokheli, Veronika Kalandarishvili, Malkhaz Varshanidze, Bidzina Macharashvili, Kakhi Begashvili, Beka Inauri, Marina Chkadua, Likuna Tutisani, Guram Tetsoshvili, Kakha Jagashvili, Nugzar Maisashvili, Dimitri Jalalbekovi


This short film is about the current life of jazz singer Giuli Chokheli, who is the main character. Already from the beginning the viewer notices that Giuli is in financial difficulties after she can't even afford to pay the full taxi ride and grabs a cocktail from a stranger's table as she passes by in the jazz club. In the next few scenes, Giuli gets into a conflict with the young jazz singer Anna because she sings her song, but she doesn’t even know that Giuli herself is sitting in the audience. The central conflict is resolved at the end of the film, when Anna gives Giuli the recognition she deserves. The focus of the film is Giuli’s loneliness and how society has forgotten about her. A statue that only exists in Giuli’s head and accompanies her acts as a symbol of her solitude.

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