March 02, 2019

Tiburtina 63

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Italy, 2018, 25 Min
Tommaso, Cate, Rigazzi, Brino and Greta share an apartment in Via Tiburtina 63. At home only one rule reigns supreme: it is strictly forbidden to weave sentimental relationships between roommates, on pain of paying five months of bills for everyone. One evening, the apartment swoops in the dark due to a blackout. The electronic lock of the entrance door is blocked, so, prisoners in the house until the next morning, the boys decide to indulge themselves a few slices of the “magic” cake prepared by Tommaso. Only the light of day will reveal that perhaps someone has violated the rule during the night. Who? and why?

Director: Gianpiero Alicchio
Producer: Luca Pirolo
Writer: Eugenia Dellino
Production Supervisor: Walter Ingrassia
Script Supervisor: Lino Guanciale
Project Supervisor: Ruggero Miti
Camera Operator: Matteo Ponchia
Cinematographer: Dario Di Mella


Cate – Neva Leoni
Tommaso – Andrea Dianetti
Greta – Lucrezia Massari
Brino – Olmo De Martino
Rigazzi – Eugenio Di Fraia

Gianpiero Alicchio

A dedicated writer/director based in Rome, Italy. After graduate at LUISS Business School, Gianpiero has collaborated with a lot of Business Company and he has directed numerous short films, commercials and music video. Recently he is writing his first feature film.

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