La regina si addormenta dove vuole
August 30, 2020

La regina si addormenta dove vuole

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Italy, 2019, 10:00 min

Rebecca is a four year old girl, pushed by the umpteenth argument of her parents, escapes from her bedroom and hides in a nursing home garden. There, she will find her kingdom and her Queen: an old lady living in this structure. The woman is a victim of violence by nurses, but there is no evil in this place, at least not for the girl. It's a corner of her imagination. There is an insurmountable limit to enter , it's her own world. And so she starts drawing to keep herself attached to this world and not to let it go: the old lady is the Queen and the nurse is the servant. In an intertwining between reality and fantasy, the girl will receive a precious gift that will help her to contrast the reality that surrounds her.


Director: Lorenzo Tiberia
Scriptwriter: Armando Maria Trotta
Director of Photography: Leonardo Mirabilia
Live sound: Luca Cafarelli
Art director: Laura Latorre
Costumes: Luchino Masetti
Editor: Gianluca Scarpa


Elena Cotta
Francesca Della Ragione
Rebecca Di Segni
Alessandro Marverti
Ignacio Paurici

Lorenzo Tiberia

Lorenzo Tiberia, born in 1987, actor, director and screenwriter, very active on the web with the group Actual of which he is co-founder, author and director. The first success on the web is the video parody of Mafia Capitale: "Romanzo Capitale" which ironically shot a cult scene of the film "Romanzo Criminale" by Michele Placido between Pierfrancesco Favino and Kim Rossi Stuart. It finally exploded on the web with "Rimorchiare a Roma Nord", "Rimorchiare a Roma Sud" and "Rimorchiare a Roma Centro" which reached almost 11 million views. He is the author of the book "Noi, lei e Roma" published by Rizzoli.

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