Steps of Love
August 30, 2020

Steps of Love

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Italy, 2019, 15:00 min

This is the story of Alice, played by the young dancer Fabiana Laneve, and of her resurgence: an example of strength, tenacity and willingness to pursue her dreams, despite everything and despite her disability after an accident.


Director: Fabio Matacchiera
Writer: Iolanda Fischetti e Claudia Lezza
Producer: Studio Matacchiera & Fondo Antidiossina


Rossella Brescia
Fabiana Laneve
Gennaro Cascione
Debora Muscoso
Edoardo Lotta

Festival Contact

Studio Matacchiera, Fondo Antidiossina

Steps of Love, Fabio Matacchiera

Fabio Matacchiera

Fabio was born in Taranto (Italy) on June 20, 1961. He has been a film director for a few years. His main Masters in film direction have been: Blasco Giurato (Oscar and BAFTA Reward for "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso") and Marcella Mitaritonna winner of various films rewards. He received a Nomination at Venice Film Festival (72nd edition 2015) for Environmental issues with the short film "Oltre le nubi" where he was producer and script writer. His short film "Un amico per sempre" was awarded at Bellaria-Rimini Film Festival in 2017.

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