August 30, 2020

A Typical Name for a Poor Child

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Italy, 2019, 15:00 min

Unsatisfied with the attitude of the children during the previous holiday, a father decides to bring to the sea with the family even a poor child, Abdul. His intention is not to make him socialize with his children, but to use him as an example to teach them how are lucky to live “on the beautiful side of inequality”.


Director: Emanuele Aldrovandi
Screenplay: Emanuele Aldrovandi
Executive Producer: Gian Pietro Severi
Producers: Francesco Quaranta, Mike Pagliarulo
Assistant Director: Davide Guldoni
Assistant Screenwriter: Eleonora Paris 
Script Supervisor: Sara Cavani 
Director of Photography: Alessandro Vezzani


Darlington Iyamabo
Marco Maccieri
Irene Petris
Giuseppe Santoro
Ginevra Santoro

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