August 30, 2020

A Degvil and a Rascat

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Poland, 2018, 10:00 min

A young girl goes to a psychologist to tell him a story of her weird phobia of cats and dogs. A strange tale about bloody quadruped, cats that seem like tigers and dachshunds who are professional karate fighters seem a little unbelievable to the doctor. Will he help the girl?


Director: Weronika Szyma
Animation: Weronika Szyma
Screenplay: Weronika Szyma
Music: Bartłomiej Karlicki
Sound: Ewa Bogusz


Voice actors – Weronika Szyma, Jacek Koprowicz, Tadeusz Gwardys 

A Degvil and a Rascat; Weronika Szyma

A third year animation student in Lodz Film School. Occupied mostly with analogue animation but also photography, illustration, filmmaking and music. “A degvil and a rascat” is her international debut.

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