Your Turn
August 30, 2020

Your Turn

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Writer & Director: Patrik Rosanics
Producer: Miklós Bosnyák
Co-Producer: Patrik Rosanics
Production Manager: Patrik Rosanics
Director of Photography: Gergely Farkas


Szabolcs Jónás
Klára Spilák
Judit Pogány
András Bálint
Ildikó Élő

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Your Turn, Patrik Rosanics

Patrik Rosanics

My love for filmmaking began when my grandfather gave me his old camera: it took me no time to realise that this is what I want to do my entire life. In 2016 I started studying Television Production at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest. I got my degree in 2019, with my diploma project, ’Your Turn’ being my first short film.

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