August 30, 2020

The Last Children

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France, 2020, 10:00 min

The school merging consists in concentrating isolated primary schools in centralized educational institutes. In 2019, 400 French schools are concerned by this reform. The Last Children is a choreographic film made in single-shot with the children of a school on the eve of its closure. Through a metaphorical fable, it bears witness to the achievement of the desertification in the rural world and the death of its villages.


Director: Fu LE
Director of Photography: Alexander Viollet
Composition: Julien Langlois 
Produced by Imagista, Les films du Texmex, Tetrapode


Michel Galaret & the pupils of the primary school of Saint-Martin-Labouval

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Fu LE – Cie Tetrapode

The Last Children, Fu LE


French award winning filmmaker and choreographer in the Tetrapode dance company. Graduated in sculpture at the Art Crafts National School in Paris, he then trained in physical theater and in contemporary dance in South America and Europe. He pursued recently his research in Taiwan, questioning social issues linked with urbanization. He is now evolving on the edge between dance, sculpture and video, and connects visual arts to the intimacy of bodily sensations. His cinematographic approach is actually based on single shot practice, and how to manage the choreography of the camera itself.

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