August 30, 2020


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Georgia, 2020, 6:00 min

After a typical everyday routine fight with her husband an offended woman takes a photo of her childhood with a broken frame from the floor and stares at it. In the photo she is with her parents. The photo takes us in the past. She recalls witnessing her parents’ fight as a child. The next scene returns us back to the present. A girl runs in to the room and hugs her mother. The girl like her mother is the witness of her father’s violating of her mother.


Director: Levan Shubashvili
Producers: Elia Pharsadanishvili, Levan Shubashvili
Scriptwriters: Elia Pharsadanishvili, Levan Shubashvili
Cinematographer: Elia Pharsadanishvili


Ana Amilakhvari
Ekaterine Bekauri
Giorgi Dzagania
Nita Chikviladze
Tamar Arganashvili
Elisabed Sreseli
Barbare Sreseli

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