My Birthday Party
August 30, 2020

My Birthday Party

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Iran, 2019, 10:50 min

It’s Mitra’s birthday. Her parents are packing up their luggage. They have let Mitra takes care of her friend’s dog for a few days until they get back. But no one has yet come to take it. They have to hand over the empty house to the landlord tomorrow morning. Mitra’s uncle has come to bring their things to the other city. Mitra’s Aunt is coming too. She wants to take Mitra with herself. Mitra has to live with her aunt for an unknown time. Mitra doesn’t know that her parents are separated and they are supposed to live in different countries. They refused to take Mitra with themselves. On the other hand, Mitra hasn’t told her family that no one comes to take the dog and she’s agreed to take care of it forever because her friend’s family no longer wants the dog. When Mitra’s family finds out her secret, they want to get the dog out of the house, and Mitra resists.


Director: Sara Farhangdoost
Writer: Sara Farhangdoost
Producers: Sara Farhangdoost, Behrouz Omidiazad
Director of Photograpy: Keyvan Sha’bani
Editor: Babak Rezakhani
Sound: Amin Jafari


Baran Vaghar
Afsoon Delkhah
Babak Ghaderi
Mona Rastegar
Sajad Mohammadi

Festival Contact

Sara Farhangdoost

Sara Farhangdoost

Sara Farhangdoot

Born: 1980

M.Sc. student of cinema, Tehran University of Arts

Writer, Director, Producer:
1- "Alo" 2008 - Short Film
2- "Rezvan" 2015 - Short Documentary
3- "My Birthday Party" 2019 - Short Film

1- "Halva Pazoon" 2014 - Short Documentary (Director: Hamed Akbari)
2- "Mural" 2015 - Short Documentary (Director: Morteza Monshi)

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