Long Pants
August 30, 2020

Long Pants

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Singapore, 2019, 30:00 min

A tale of tenacity and resilience based on a true- life account. A teenage boy finds himself in a struggle for strength and courage amidst life's trials. In the face of adversity, Yang must pass his school promotional exams in order to fulfill his dying father wish of seeing him in the school long pants.


Director: Jackson Ho
Writer: Jackson Ho
Producer: Tan Li Jin
Director of Photography: Erving Tan


Ezekiel Chee
Tan Kok Hua
Gloria Ragisree Krishnan
Brien Lee

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Long Pants, Jackson Ho

Jackson Ho

Senior Film student from Temasek Polytechnic’s Digital Film & Television.
The message of the film is that all parents love their children. As previously mentioned, a father may not show their affection as much; hence this film will try to illustrate the extends that a father could go for their son. This film aims to foster better understanding and relationship between father and sons and that we should be more filial to our parents as well. Our parents grows older and weaker everyday and who knows when they would leave us. We should be dutiful when we have the chance.

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