Good Girl; Merja Maijanen
August 30, 2020

Good Girl

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Finland, 2019, 12:00 min

After being awarded for being a good girl, a naive little girl learns what it really means to be one.


Director: Merja Maijanen
Screenplay: Merja Maijanen
Producer: Merja Maijanen
Assistant Directors: Anil Kapur, Sai Krishna Koppolu, Mariana Nunes
Script Supervisor: Tijana Todorovic
Director of Photography: Vishal Vittal


Dana Faarinen
Annastiina Gylling
Jyrki Tammi

Merja has worked in film festivals, film centres and has had a company with her mother; a cinema with a movie themed cafe. After five years they quit the company and Merja started studying again. She has two Master's Degrees; MA in Screenwriting from Salford University and MA in Directing from KinoEyes European Movie Masters' program. Currently Merja is working in a Finnish production company and writing her first feature film. She just won Best Director - award from the film "Good Girl" in Bangladesh.

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