March 02, 2019

Paula´s Eternity

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Venezuela, 2018, 11 min
Liana, a 5-year-old girl and her family face a fierce drought. While the mother packs to emigrate. The girl has an unexpected encounter that will change the destiny of all.

Direction and Edition: Dayana Gauthier
Screenwriter: Dayana Gauthier & Lino Ocando
Executive and General Production: Mireya Piñuela
DP and Camera: Gerard Uzcategui
Production Design: Manuela Planas
Sound design and Original Music: Lino Ocando


Girl – Estefany Chirino
Mother – Mercedes Bueno
Grandmother – Evarista Vázquez

Dayana Gauthier

Director, Screenwriter and Editor, graduated from the School of Audiovisual Media of the University of Los Andes, Venezuela. Editor of short films as Mar Blindado, Soja, Hija de Puta and feature films including El Silbón: Origenes and Verde Salvaje. His short film Mei Fung, selected in more tan 15 internetional festivals.

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