March 18, 2019

Nine Billion Names of God

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France, 2018, 14:30 min
New York 1950, a Tibetan monk comes to the meeting of Doctor Wagner to buy a computer to carry out a prediction consisting in finding the 9 billion God Georges and Chuck’s names are sent in the Tibet to install the machine of strange phenomena are then going to occur. How to lead in a modern and poetic way to open his spirit and its heart to the sense and to the main part? How be connected in his roots, in the Spirit which livens up anything, in the mysteries of the existence?

Director: Dominique Filhol
Producers: Fatna Elaidi, Dominique Filhol, Virginie Lancetti
Director of photography: Athys de Galzain
Screenplay: Dominique Filhol
Visual Effects Supervisors: Jean-Philippe Leclercq, Philippe Gonzalez
Music: Mark Yaeger
Cello solos: Gautier Capuçon


Dr Wagner – Paul Bandey
Lama Dilgo – Yves Yan
Georges Hanley – Rotem Jackman
Chuck – Lennard Ridsdale
Great Lama – Lama Gyurme
Dream Lama – Geshe Khorden, Lhundup Gyaltsen
The monks of sera may – Silling Tongkhor, Rinpoche Nyima, Lobsang Ngawang, Phuntsok Lhundup,
Lobsang Samdrup

Dominique Filhol
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