March 18, 2019

Farewell in Nanchang

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China, 2018, 21:50 min
KaiKai’s grandmother passed away, he did not believe in it, so he decided to go on a trip to find his grandma. On the road he met another boy, they teamed up and continued their journey.

Director/screenwriter: Fanghao Tang
Photographer: Weilin Zhang
Editor: Xiaolu Hu

Recording engineer: Luobin Quan Xintong Lv

Art director: Yina Ren
Music: Luobin Quan


 Ruohao Wu Wenhao Fan

Fanghao Tang

22 years old, born in nanchang, jiangxi province, China. He studied in the school of film, zhejiang media university. He is now a postgraduate student at the central academy of drama. He made many short films.

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