March 18, 2019


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Georgia, 2017, 14 min
Nano, is arriving at her countryside family house first time since childhood. The village welcomes her with Downpour – unstoppable rains. Her neighbor, grandma Fatso and the village girls of her age are praying for the sun while sending the spells to the clouds. Nano can’t be aware that she is bound to share the part of the spells…

Director: Ana Kvichidze
Screenplay: Ana Kvichidze, Lili Glurjidze
Cinematographer: Nika Oqitashvili
Editing: Giga Palavandishvili
Music: Giorgi Koberidze
Producer: Mariam Bitsadze

BIT Studio, Georgian National Film Center


Nini Tskitishvili

Irakli Kiknadze

Keti Dugadze

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